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I absolutely love this round #8 brush! I have been unable to order another sable brush like the one I wore out, but htis brush is everything I was looking for! It is perfect for minute detail work, yet holds enough watercolor paint to complete a section.


A great way to try out wonderful watercolor papers without breaking the bank: a sample pack beautifully prepared.


I still am LOVING the brushes. It's truly one of my favorite round brushes. The pointy tip is my go-to when I need a fine line (I choose it over my tiny brushes because I love how precise it is!)


I think this brush and I will have a very special relationship!! From super fine lines to broad stokes, this brush can do it all. How did I go this long without a dagger brush??"


I love them! I love the way the fan brush gives a nice textural element to pieces, especially grass and such, and that sword brush is so much fun to play with!


They are so beautiful! And so well crafted! I truly love the brushes and how it applies to the paper.


Got here super quick even with covid holiday shipping! Love slowly learning techniques w/sword brush.