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What people are saying

I absolutely love this round #8 brush! I have been unable to order another sable brush like the one I wore out, but htis brush is everything I was looking for! It is perfect for minute detail work, yet holds enough watercolor paint to complete a section.


A great way to try out wonderful watercolor papers without breaking the bank: a sample pack beautifully prepared.


I still love your brush the most. It feels like a magic wand, and it always does exactly what I want.


They are so beautiful! And so well crafted! I truly love the brushes and how it applies to the paper.


I still am LOVING the brushes. It's truly one of my favorite round brushes. The pointy tip is my go-to when I need a fine line (I choose it over my tiny brushes because I love how precise it is!)


I think this brush and I will have a very special relationship!! From super fine lines to broad stokes, this brush can do it all. How did I go this long without a dagger brush??"


I love them! I love the way the fan brush gives a nice textural element to pieces, especially grass and such, and that sword brush is so much fun to play with!


Got here super quick even with covid holiday shipping! Love slowly learning techniques w/sword brush.