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  1. Are the Nfinity Arts by Fibonacci brushes specifically for watercolor? Yes. These are made specifically for watercolor and/or gouache artists. 

  2. Are the Nfinity Arts by Fibonacci brushes made with natural or synthetic hair? The bristles of all the brushes are made of soft, synthetic material because we love our furry friends. I understand that many artists love natural hair brushes; however, I am uncomfortable offering those products without the ability to ensure that the hair used in bristles is sourced from sustainable, cruelty free practices. Also, most synthetics perform just as beautifully thanks to advances in brush making. 

  3. The handles of each of the paintbrushes look different. Why?  Each paintbrush is handcrafted by an expert brush maker and is made of natural wood.  The brush(es) you receive will be uniquely marked by the characteristics of the wood and the technique of the maker.  The swirl pattern will differ from each brush based on the way the paint reacted when the brush was dipped. Some will have a lot of swirl pattern, some will look more striped, and some will appear more solidly colored.

  4. Why are the bristles of my new brush so stiff? There is a protective coating on the bristles of the Nfinity Arts by Fibonacci brushes.  This is not uncommon practice, and is designed to help protect the point of your brush during shipping. Once the coating is washed out, the brushes will be soft and will perform reliably. Check out the Brush Care page for additional tips. 

  5. How do I remove the protective coating from the bristles on my new paintbrush? Your brush(es) will only perform reliably after the protective coating is completely rinsed out. For this reason, I do not recommend rinsing in a water cup/jar. For best results, rinse your brush under warm, running water for 60 seconds before you begin painting with it.  (NOTE: When rinsing, make sure that your bristles are pointing down/with the flow of the water to protect the shape of the brush. Never point the bristles against/into the flow of water.).  If your brush is still stiff after drying, repeat the rinsing process.  Check out the Brush Care page for additional tips. 

  6. How should I store my brush(es)? After painting, rinse your brush thoroughly. Use your fingers to reshape the point.  Lay flat to dry. Once dry, store with bristles facing upward to protect their shape. Check out the Brush Care page for additional tips. 

  7. What is your return policy? Due to the nature of the products offered at Nfinity Arts, I only offer refunds and replacements for items that arrive damaged or defective after shipping. If you have received a damaged package, please email me a photo of the damage at and I will send you a replacement order.  Due to the delicate nature of paintbrushes once the bristle guard has been removed, and with the risks of the global pandemic, I cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time.  See our official Refund Policy here.

  8. Do you ship internationally? Yes...mostly. With the global pandemic, there are some countries that are not currently able to accept shipment due to lack of staffing or transportation. Also, EU customers, please be aware that you will be responsible for any VAT/taxes that may be due at time of delivery due to the recent changes in the import/shipping regulations. 
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