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Nfinity Arts by Fibonacci - Filbert Brush
Nfinity Arts by Fibonacci - Filbert Brush

Nfinity Arts by Fibonacci - Filbert Brush

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Add a touch of luxury to your process with this beautiful, handcrafted watercolor brush made with soft imitation squirrel hair.  The filbert brush is currently only offered in size 8. The marbled swirl on the wood handle will be unique to each brush, some brushes having more or less swirl depending on how the paint reacted when the brush handle was dipped.  

Not just for looking gorgeous in your social media photos, this brush is seriously fun to paint with.  

This versatile brush is perfect for:

     - blending, shading, and highlighting

     - petals and leaves / floral arrangements

     - oval form (flatten the hairs) for rounded cloud textures & thicker strokes

     - pointed form (squeeze hairs together) for fine lines, details, and tight spots.

 Dimensions* in
Bristle Length 0.56
Total Length 8.5 21.59

*Each brush is handmade, so dimensions may vary slightly.

For tips on how to prolong the life of your brush, please visit the Brush Care page.